About Us

Bright Edge Solutions, LLC was founded in 2006 to provide exceptional technology support and design services to small businesses in and around Columbus, Ohio. Many small businesses do not have the resources to employ a full-time IT professional, let alone an entire team. Our goal is to enable these businesses to receive the level of attention usually reserved for larger corporations.

As a testament to our level of service, many of our clients have referred other small businesses to us. We sincerely appreciate referrals, and promptly issue a 1 hour credit for any referral that becomes a client.

We value education, and provide every member of our team with the resources they need to further their knowledge and understanding of today's ever-changing technology.

Our philosophy is simple: provide exceptional support with superior customer service.

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Tech Tip

Malware on the Rise
We've seen a marked increase in malware infections this year. You can help protect against infection by following a few pointers: 1) Keep Java, Flash, and other 3rd party applications up to date. 2) Use a business-class antivirus application. 3) Keep Windows up to date with Windows Update. 4) Use the latest version of your favorite Internet browser like Google Chrome.